Maritime Transport


Akar provides marine transportation services through its wide network of ship owners and agents from port to port or by intermodal transportation.

With marine, air, road and railway alternatives, according to the features of the Cargo and destination place, it can be needed more than one transportation model in terms of time and cost.

In this meaning, AKAR is your solution partner with optimum transportation models.

Marine transportation and port services

  • Loading and discharging operations planned for supercargo
  • Storage in our own storage facilities within ports
  • Intra-port moving services
  • Providing necessary cranes, forklifts and other equipment
  • All kinds of port organizations

Ro-Ro services

  • Motor vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.)
  • Heavy duty machines

Bulk cargo transportation

  • Iron and steel transportation
  • Paper transportation
  • Wooden materials transportation (plywood, chipboard, timber, etc.)
  • Boats transportation
  • Ship chartering, marine transportation, ship broker services
  • Open cargo, dry cargo, bulk cargo and project transportation services
  • River ships, project ships, bulk cargo ships, Ro-Ro ships, chartering

Akar has been delivering to all regions of Turkmenistan, by making transshipment and lashing of the goods especially in the port of Turkmenbashi, Akar has been giving sea+road transportation services at the ports of The Caspian Sea


Our Company, is a solution partner, has been presenting the high quality, economical and alternative services to its customers including leading businesses located in Turkey and elsewhere with Our Global Network Services and our offices and our own specialist stuffs and our equipments for providing their needs regarding to the transports at all the World countries.